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Tiszkeszi lies on the northern side of the Great Plain the ALFOLD .This area is divided by the Tisza.
This little vilage has  2689 people living permanently here.It lies on the right side of the river in a floodfree area 45km from Miskolc and 30km form Tiszajvaros.

The first written papers which mentions this area is from 1332 and the first hungarian tribes also lived around here.
Under the king St Istvan there were religous leaders and monks from the ABA tribe like Peter Ispan 1067 they founded the St Benedek monastry(Zasty)
This name still exist in one of the village streets.

In our village we have one kindergarden and 2 elementary school.In the grounds of both schools can find the sculpture of the namegivers to these,Szechenyi Istvan and Lorantffy Zsuzsanna.

On the other side of the river there are large fields which can be reached by small ferry operated by the local goverment.

The majority of the village people work at the local shoe factories like Benn Ross or Sala Moda,etc or at the local goverment offices and small co.s of about 80 in number.
Also many work at nearby towns like Mezocsat,Tiszaujvaros or Miskolc.

The village is completely connected up to water and sewage systems and 80% of the roads are made of solid covers.

There are several listed buildings like the Culture House which was a manor before.They have all kind of cultural and music programs regularly.
Also there are Reformatic and Catolic churches,the majors Town Hall,and the Zsory Mannor where several clubs operate like the Retirement Club, family help and children help center as well as the large village kichen.

The cultural life consist of a school and local history exibition and library,the Retirement Club formed in 2005 which operates very actively.
Also people can choose from different sporting activities such as football,basket ball,table tennis ans chess.

The village publishes from time to time its own newspaper called the Keszi Ujsag.
In this place was born two famous person Harsanyi Gy.Lajos painter and Horvath Istvan Hungarian folklor singer.



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